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Posted by audiolist.it on 11/25/2018

SE3 EP62: Last Minute Black Friday Email Marketing Essentials and Checklist

Mitch Gruber is an Account Executive at Klaviyo, who has worked on over 350+ Klaviyo email accounts. If you are behind on email marketing for next week’s BIG Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales event, listen in as we cover exactly what you need to have in place over the coming days to rev-up sales. Mitch talks about the 4 MUST have Flows: 1: Abandoned Cart 2-3 emails sent, 1 hour, 1 day and 3 days after abandonment 2: Browse Abandonments 1-2 emails 3: Welcome Series Lock it down - messaging important - brand overview - your WHY get people involved in the brand - set your customers for success 4: Post Purchase Follow up Thank you that engages the customer We also cover The best times to send your broadcast emails? Segment VIP customers from teaser emails as they will shop anyway Have different offers Black Friday and CyberMonday in order to drive repeat purchases Time Zone targeting e.g. 8AM should be 8AM on all time zones.