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Posted by audiolist.it on 05/27/2020

Interview with Ibi Meier-Oruitemeka, Owner of The Afro Hair & Skin Co.

Welcome to episode five of the BLK + GRN podcast. This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Ibi Meier-Oruitemeka. Ibi is a natural and wellness beauty expert, creative entrepreneur and the founder and creative director of The Afro Hair & Skin Co. Her bestselling facial oil FLOW has attracted the attention of top beauty editors and was subsequently named as 'Best Skincare for and By People of Colour' by VOGUE. In this episode, Ibi speaks about her journey over a five-year period in which she began researching and developing her powerful line of holistic products. Have you ever wondered if you were the only one who couldn't seem to find products that were made for "us"? Well, you're not the only one. Tune in to hear Ibi story and learn what turned her struggle into a booming business.